Tea Dance at Leominster Meeting Centre

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

20160809 Tea Dance Susan and Rachel

Today we were invited to a Tea Dance at Leominster Meeting  Centre. The event which saw a good turnout of old friends and new, was led by dancer  Rachel Freeman from Everybody Dance. We had great fun dancing to a range of music from across the decades. After a much needed cup of tea and a piece of cake we ended with a rousing chorus of, and  much swaying to Tom Jones belting out ‘Delilah’. There is a tea dance about every six weeks at the Meeting Centre and there is something quite lovely  and special about dancing in the afternoon, it is not just for festival-goers, it is invigorating and just plain fun. There is a piano arriving this evening and this will be a wonderful addition to the many musical activities that go on including Blow your own Trumpet led  by a Meeting Centre member to name just one.


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