Droitwich Spa Meeting Centre does Countdown

20160812 Gill C

I spent a wonderful afternoon at Droitwich Spa Meeting Centre. After a delicious fresh and healthy lunch prepared by Hilary and accompanied of course by plenty of chat and fun the 18 of us there had a game of new age bowls. To be honest I find it very difficult to play and in fact managed to score nothing at all. It is a skilful game and you have to bowl very slowly and very straight. Fortunately there were a number  of much better players than  me  and  quite a lot of rivalry between the two teams – the Reds (Simply the Best) and the Blues (More than  the Best). It is an inclusive game as it is possible to bowl well from a seated position too  as was very ably demonstrated. A  lot of fun for everyone with that and more was to follow with Gill leading on  her Countdown  special. As you can see from  the look on Gill’s face and  the numbers on the flip chart members  really stepped up to the mark  to solve the  numbers game. This is a cheap and simple game to set up – of course not always that easy to play but hugely engaging and in a relaxed atmosphere such as that at the Meeting  Centre it is easy to feel part of it. I really liked the way the two different  activities complemented each other and were in essence just a lovely way to spend time with friends.

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